Female medical professionalThis is the next post in my series on why Phoenix nurses should retain an attorney when they are facing professional discipline. My last post discussed why it is a mistake for nurses to deal with their boards without a lawyer. Many nurses make the mistake of thinking that the situation is “no big deal” and they often damage their case by not appreciating the gravity of the situation. In this article I will address another important topic – how an attorney will assist one facing license suspension from the Arizona Board of Nursing.

The first way in which counsel will assist a nurse is through the lawyer explaining what it is one should expect from the process and how to proceed as the case moves forward. Many professionals are often, and understandably, nervous. They are not sure of the potential ramifications and often fear the worst. They do not know how long the process will last, whether they will have any future career prospects, and how the situation will impact other aspects of life. By helping one expect what to understand an attorney may help a nurse to move their life forward in a productive way.

The second way in which retaining counsel will help a nurse is that a representative will immediately begin developing a defense strategy. The sooner a strategy is developed then the sooner it may be put into effect. If, for example, the case involves allegations of drug use then the nurse may be eligible for protection under the Americans With Disabilities Act. I have previously discussed how the ADA may protect a pharmacist’s license – many of the same concepts apply to a Registered Nurse. The sooner a strategy is established then the better the chance that such a strategy will assist in defending one’s license.

The third way in which counsel can assist a nursing defendant is to engage in plea negotiations with the disciplinary board. Depending on the circumstances it may be possible to reach a resolution in which the nurse keeps his or her license and agrees to fulfill several requirements. If all terms of the agreement are satisfied then one’s career will be able to continue without issue. Should the agreement be violated then one may face a lengthy suspension.

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