Couple fighting over phoneThis is the first post in what will be a series on the subject of defending against Phoenix charges for violating an order of protection. I am writing on this topic as many in our city and surrounding areas are often under several misunderstandings when it comes to such charges. My goal with this series is to help such defendants understand the severity of such allegations. I cannot stress enough that if you are charged with violation of a TPO then you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

I will be addressing several points over my coming articles. Issues which I will discuss include:

  • Why violating a protective order is a serious offense
  • Why Arizona defendants are sometimes falsely accused of violating a protective order
  • Evidence presented during trial in such cases
  • Why it is not a defense if one holding the order of protection contacted you

These are important topics for several reasons. First, many make the mistake of not realizing how serious such an offense is. Second, defendants often find themselves facing false allegations due to an angry ex or an ongoing child custody dispute. Third, there is evidence which must be preserved in order to defend against such charges. Finally, many often make the mistake of thinking that it is acceptable to contact the victim if he or she initiated contact first (such is not the case). Defendants who do not understand these issues may find themselves in a poor position when it comes to defending charges.

If it is alleged that you violated an order of protection then contact an attorney immediately. Counsel can help you understand what it is you should expect from the process, how you should conduct yourself while the case is proceeding, and give you a realistic expectation as to what your outcome will be. Do not err by thinking that you will be automatically convicted of such a charge; this is one of the case types most likely to be based on false accusations.

Contact my office today to speak with a defense lawyer. In addition to Phoenix we represent defendants in other Maricopa County cities such as Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert. We also assist Pima County residents in Tucson.