Phoenix Professional Licensing Lawyer Assisting with Appealing a Suspended License

Gavel with dictionaryThe loss of one’s professional license is devastating. Fortunately, Arizona has an appeal system in place for one who has lost their license at an administrative hearing. It is possible to appeal the outcome of the suspension to the Superior Court. In some circumstances, however it may be more prudent to first Petition for a Rehearing with the licensing board. Retaining an attorney who understands these options is crucial so that you can ensure you follow the best course of action.

Arizona’s process for dealing with professional license violations is uniform across disciplines. A case is filed with the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings and the matter is heard by an Administrative Law Judge. Types of cases heard by the office include:

  • Complaints against psychologists and therapists
  • Complaints against nurses
  • Suspension hearings against behavioral health professionals
  • Hearings involving pharmacists
  • Hearings against real estate professionals
  • Disciplinary hearing against doctors and physicians
  • Hearings against contractors

The suspension of a professional license may be appealed to the Superior Court. Another option, meant to seek a different resolution, is to Petition for Rehearing of your license suspension. Each of these processes are complicated and different from the original process you faced. Handling such matters should not be considered a “do it yourself” project.

Bretton Barber is a Phoenix professional licensing lawyer who handles both appeals to the Superior Court and Petitions for Rehearing. Once retained he will immediately obtain the record from your license suspension, as well as the prior attorney’s files, to begin determining the appealable issues. He will give you an assessment of the case at the earliest opportunity and keep you informed throughout the process. Bretton understands that your license is your livelihood and that this is a serious matter. He will take it seriously. Contact us today. In addition to Phoenix we represent professionals in other Maricopa County cities such as Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert. We also assist Pima County residents in Tucson.